ENVF has implemented an online equipment booking system to streamline the booking and management of the ENVF equipment.

Users MUST make the booking before they can use the equipment.

Users are reminded on the following points. For more detailed information, please read the Policies and Rules.

  • Booking can be made no more than ONE month in advance.
  • Cancellation of booking is allowed but needs to be done 24 hours in advance, or otherwise, the usage charge will be made to the users according to the booking record.
  • Please make sure that the information and data provided in the booking form is accurate and valid.
  • Note that a notification will be sent to your supervisors once the booking is successfully submitted.

As you may be aware, the operation of the University is being heavily impacted by the ongoing social events. In order to safeguard the use of our lab in a safe and secure way in this period of difficult time, ENVF will implement the following temporary measures in the access and use of ENVF Lab until further notices. We hope that it can be returned to normal soon.

1. The entrance door to ENVF Lab (Rm 4109) will only be open for access during office hours. In non-office hours, the door will be locked and users may access Rm 4109 through the PG Room (Rm 4107).

2. Users will be asked to leave the ENVF Lab after office hours. Please follow the instructions of our staffs.

3. Please label the chemicals/solutions you bring into the ENVF Lab clearly (name of chemicals/solution, the name and department of the owner) and remember to bring the chemicals/solutions away after the analyses.

Please be reminded to follow the instructions of the ENVF staffs. That you fail to follow the instructions may result in the immediate termination in the use of the ENVF Lab.

While we understand the arrangement may cause you some inconveniences, we also believe that they can help ensure the safe and secure use of the ENVF central facility.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.